Our Story

Your friends, our drinks, let's create memories 

Here at Friary, we're passionate about making the best artisanal spirits, from our botanical gins to our fruit liqueurs. Every batch is lovingly created and bottled here in Somerset by my sister Hannah, our mistress distiller.
Hannah learnt her trade from our dad Ern who started Friary back in 1995, making-up bottles of his legendary sloe gin and cherry brandy, and taking them to local farmers markets in the boot of his old Ford Granada. 
After a lifetime working for big-name drinks companies, dad was devoted to using the best ingredients, to make delicious drinks for happy customers. While Friary has grown a little since bottles were rattling around in the back of dad's old car, our commitment to creating outstanding drinks for happy customers remains at the heart of everything we do.  
Whether it's our gins, rums, vodkas, or even Dad's traditional recipes from those very first markets, our drinks are great for sharing, as a treat for yourself, or given as gifts for a loved one,
Enjoy, and cheers!
Tori Jordan
Director at Friary
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