Christmas Jumpers and Chocolate Treats

Posted by Kirsty Ralphs on

It's not even 11 o'clock and we've compared our festive jumpers and eaten our body weight in chocolate. The aim of the day being to finish off the 2 boxes of said chocolates by close today. We CAN do this!! And yes, they were only opened this morning. How many people do I have to help?? There's a total of 7 of us, and one doesn't eat chocolate. It's a tough life. 

But you'll be pleased to hear, that whilst filling our faces, we've come up with a brilliant opportunity for you all. Our 12 days of Christmas competition starts today!! Check out Facebook to be in with your chance to win!!

On a serious note, we've been following the #drinkdifferent campaign and are all for reducing our plastic waste. We now have sample cups and carrier bags that are biodegradable that we are using for our shows and markets this year, in a bid to decrease the destruction that plastic waste is causing this planet. 

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