World Gin Day is a Coming!

Posted by Kirsty Ralphs on

Gin is definitely the "in drink" this summer and with World Gin Day on the 8th of June, what better excuse do you need?? Now I'm hoping this rainy weather is going to DO ONE and that in comes the glorious sunshine to take away these rainy day blues. With it also being National Picnic Week, I don't need any more permission to grab a few bottles of my favourite Gin liqueur, (for me it's the Raspberry and Mint, and the Elderflower), chuck together something resembling a picnic; along the lines of sandwiches, cakes and sausage rolls (and I'd better include some soft drinks for the kids), and head to the nearest open space with friends, kids and dogs. What could possibly go wrong? 

So that's my Saturday sorted. Need help sorting yours? Order your favourites here; 

The Gin Collection and wind down this Saturday. 

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