Easter Blues

Posted by Kirsty Ralphs on

Is anyone else on a bit of a chocolate and holiday come down? It's the first day back at work for many and it's never as bad as "the dread" leads us to believe it will be but it's definitely there, hanging over our heads like a dreary black cloud! Nothing that some gin can't fix though and a 4 day week eases us back into life gently. It's also great to catch up with everyone in the office and hear what people have been up too! 

To help you guys through this traumatic time, we're offering #freedelivery until the end of this month. Lots of you have taken advantage of this #offer already but there's a whole other week to stock up on your favourites. What are you waiting for? 

The Wildberry Gin (pictured) is new out this year and has proved to be a popular choice. Try this delicious recipe for something new and a bit different;

**50ml Wildberry Gin, a generous squeeze of fresh lime, topped with Ginger beer (to taste), and served over ice in a tall glass. Garnish with lime and fresh raspberry**



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