Hannah Completes the London Marathon!

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A massive congratulations to Hannah, our awesome director, for completing the London Marathon on 22nd April 2018. "I could not have done it without my husband Geoff" she gushed, whilst telling me how she did not enjoy a single thing about the run, bar the finish. Although I think you'll agree with me, that beaming smile contradicts this statement.

I'm also informed that Hannah's toes hurt. But like the trooper she is, she's here slogging away, hand crafting our drinks!! (Whilst we're attempting not to laugh at her shuffling waddle). We're allowing her to indulge in a biscuit or 5 for her efforts. That's the kind of supportive team we are here. 

Hannah thought entering the Marathon was a good idea after a little tipple or 2! So you heard it here first... if you need the motivation to do something this amazing, why not make yourself a cocktail whilst you contemplate? A new recipe for you to try here;

Simple Lemon Spritzer; 50ml of our delicious Cloudy Lemon Vodka, topped up with Seltza Water and garnished with some fresh mint leaves. Refreshing! 

Disclaimer; Despite what you're thinking, we do not recommend you drink your way through copious amounts or our fantastic Friary selection to get you around a marathon. But why not reward yourself with one once you've finished? You deserve that much, don't you? Not doing any such events? Reward yourself anyway. Life's too short! 

The finishers medal! Isn't it pretty :)

Hannah is fundraising for The Forever Friends Appeal. The link is here if you wish to donate:


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