World Cocktail Day

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Sunday 13th May, that's this Sunday coming, is a VERY important day indeed.

It's World Cocktail Day.

Here at the office we'll be celebrating with a our delicious liqueurs. Our liqueurs provide a base for a variety of very tasty cocktails, and our wide range of flavours will ensure there is something to satisfy even the fussiest of persons taste buds. 

We're not sorry to bombard you with Raspberry and Mint Gin Cocktail ideas. Try this refreshing, oh so tasty summers treat;

Our Raspberry and Mint Gin.

Muddled berries, (we recommend raspberries, strawberries and blackberries but whatever takes your fancy).

Crushed ice.

A large squeeze of fresh lime juice.

Tonic water to taste!Let us know what you think of this recipe below. Have any other recipe ideas that work? We'd love to know. 

Happy hump day everyone. It's all down hill to the weekend from here on in :)

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