A Celebration of the Female Kind

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With women smashing it all over the Globe in many different areas, it's that time of year where we celebrate the fabulous things us women achieve. And it's no coincidence that International Women's Day and Mother's Day are within the same Month. 

To mark International Women's Day and with Mother's Day in mind, we're offering you our gorgeous Rhubarb and Ginger Hearts with FREE DELIVERY. So pay just £10 to have the gift delivered straight to your door! Why not let the woman/women in your life know how much you appreciate them! And just in time for Mother's Day. Just use the code IWD at check out to qualify. 

Now here's some blurb for you all to read on why I think it's important to celebrate the women in your life!

In 1967, Katherine Switzer battled her way through angry officials who physically tried to remove her from the "all male" Boston Marathon race. After entering under the name KV Switzer, and with race number 261, she became the first female to ever cross the finish line. This heroic act paved the way for the future of women's marathon running. 

Malala Yousafzai is a young Pakistani female, recently winning the Nobel Prize for her incredibly brave act of defiance against the Taliban. She has pushed for females to have access to Education in her country, endangering her own life in the process. 

Whilst the above examples are quite literally, astounding and whilst it's important to remember these historical pivotal moments in time, it's also important to think of the women making achievements EVERY day. That's YOU guys;

Working Mum's who also do the majority of the child care and the housework. Mum's who give their bodies to creating life and nurturing babies whilst still studying or exercising or competing in events, and raising other children. Those woman rising to the top of their company networks to achieve managerial, high powered positions. Women who Box, Power Lift, Cross Fit, Race cars. All the things that were once male dominated, now becoming more and more gender-less thanks to these women, paving the way for future generations. 

Here at Friary we're a predominantly female team, running everything in the business from Fork Lift Driving, heavy lifting, mixing, bottling, labelling, sales, customer relations, finance, photography, design, events and marketing. As well as us all being Mothers with children at Nursery, Preschool and Primary School, AND some of us studying at degree level!! Now I think that's something to celebrate and appreciate. Well done :)

Oh that person on the front? Tori, doing what she does best, eating cake!! (I'm safe behind the camera).

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