A Valentine's Date

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Myself and my esteemed colleague had a lovely Valentine's Day date, meeting the team from @yumbles at @theoldfishmarket in Bristol. It was inspiring seeing other small businesses and sharing stories, and so helpful getting tips and tricks on how to get the best out of Yumbles. 

Obviously we had the usual couples feud in the car on the way home, battling the peak time Bristol traffic. We have no idea how people cope with that on a day to day basis, but luckily for me, my trusty date knew the back streets of Bristol well enough to guide us through, cutting out the endless amounts of vehicles. We made up and she promised to meet me again, (the following week at work)! 

We hope you all had a lovely Valentine's. And we're getting one step closer to the official release of our ready made cocktails! Yum, so exciting. 

If you're about on the 3rd of March, come down and see us @fromemarkets for the first of the year. Fingers crossed this glorious sunshine will continue for us all! We will have our new Gin flavours ready for you to try so don't be shy :) (And arrange a designated driver).

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