A Feeling of Sheer Exhaustion

Posted by Kirsty Ralphs on

I don't know about you lot, but we're 4 weeks into this Summer "Holiday" and I'm in need of a holiday. The word holiday to me denotes relaxing time. Sleeping, eating and drinking lots, and a general feeling of refreshment!! Ha ha ha ha (queue the hysterical, mad woman laughter) ... relax? Sleep? What even is this? Thank goodness for food and drink. 

Now I do love spending time with the little ones so please don't misinterpret this rant. They're bundles of fun and do provide lots of laughter, but there's only so many times I can say "Don't lick the carpet",or "no, we're not nearly there yet darling" before feeling like I'm going completely insane.

So once bed time is done, I do like to reward myself with a nice long Lilley's Dark Cider with a dash of our very own Toffee Vodka. These flavours complement each other so much, it's like an ideal treat for those with a sweet tooth! Why not try it yourself? Serve chilled, with or without ice. (I prefer mine with). 

And remember, there's only a couple of weeks left to endure/enjoy with the little people. Pull yourself together, we can get through this!! With a little help ;) Bottoms up!

Toffee Vodka

Dark Cider


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