A Great Taste in our Mouths....

Posted by Kirsty Ralphs on

A big hello to you all. I hope you didn't miss us too much last week. We were all working hard on the shop floor for one of our larger orders, so no time for blog writing and Social Media updates. 

Anyway, some exciting news for you all right here;

This years #GreatTasteAwards are out and we are pleased to announce that we have won an award for our fantastic tasting #RhubarbandGingerGin. To quote the judges; "fresh and complex aromas", "a lovely indulgent mouthfeel with a slightly syrupy texture". (To you and me, it's simply a great tasting drink to be enjoyed with friends).

Now I'm not one to brag, but we're feeling pretty fantastic to be such a small, family run business, and to have won this award! And we didn't even have to pay anyone for the privilege, it's all fully legit. 

Also, this coming weekend I'll be doing my first #FromeIndependentMarket so come on down for a chat and give our drinks a taste. I think you might just agree with the judges! 

@FromeIndependentMarket @GreatTasteAwards 



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