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As you all know by now, because I keep banging on about it, we have been working closely with Lilley's Cider, just across the road from us. Convenient!!

Also convenient, is that the 10th July is apparently "National Don't Step On A Bee Day" If you say this out loud to yourself, it sounds like "Don't Step On A Bidet" Lols. I mean, personally I don't think you should step on either, on any day of the year but we all love a National Day to remind us of these things, right? 

Whilst not stepping on bees (just don't do this EVER), or bidets, (again-lols!),  why not sit back and enjoy a chilled Bee Sting Cider, and Blackcurrant Liqueur. Crack on with the Barbie too. (For clarification I mean BBQ, not the plastic doll...that's just weird if that even entered your mind).

#TakeMeBack to my Uni days but with a much classier and tastier pairing of drinks! Can be enjoyed on ice, or simply chilled. 

Blackcurrant Liqueur

Bee Sting Cider

@lilleyscider @friarydrinks

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