World Chocolate Day. I literally couldn't be any happier.

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So technically this was on the 7th, but I'm going to take on the World, and change that to today! It's only 4 days late after all. (And if you celebrated it on Saturday, then lucky you, 2 days in one week).

It's not like I need an excuse to eat chocolate. My brain tells me every day is World Chocolate Day. But at least today I am going to give myself a break and enjoy all things chocolate, guilt free!! 

I have an absolute treat of a cocktail for you all today to celebrate! ***Chocolate Vodka Frappuccino***. This is absolutely delightful, and as it's summer, a lovely cold drink to bring that temperature down. 

You need;

50mls of Chocolate Vodka, 50mls Irish Cream, 120mls fresh coffee (use a tad of hot water to mix, then top up with chilled water), 100mls Milk (full fat tastes best)! Mix it all together and choose your garnish. Whipped cream, chocolate sauce or the like and enjoy!! If you have a blender you may also wish to blend crushed ice. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I have copious amounts of chocolate, in various forms, to shove in my face! Enjoy :)

Chocolate Vodka


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