A Successful and Cheesy Weekend

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This weekend we were lucky enough to have stalls at both Frome Cheese Show and Sturminster Cheese Show. Both events give us a great opportunity to showcase our fantastic range of delicious liqueurs, and also gives you guys the chance to sample these delights, obligation free!! Win win situation. (We also get to sample some wonderful, locally produced products too!!)

We had so much lovely feedback from you, and are hugely grateful for your support. It was also lovely to see so many small businesses doing such fantastic trade. Both shows are hugely supported by the wider local community. 

Also wanting to wish those with children all the best in their first days back to school, or starting school. I know that's something on our mind here at the office, having little ones ourselves. By the time this weeks out, I'm sure you'll all be mentally and physically exhausted. Feet up Friday, Gin in hand, and relax. 

Some additional information for you;

Our best selling gin was Raspberry and Mint, and vodka was Salted Caramel! Get yours on the online shop now. 

Gin Collection

Vodka Vault

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