The "C" Word!

Posted by Kirsty Ralphs on

This morning I have been working on our website, updating our products list to include our exciting (dare I say it) Christmas Gift Range. We consider all of our products "gifty", for want of a better word, though these are specifically selected for that special, Christmassy feeling. 

Firm favourites with many of our customers, and for that warm, wintery feel when the nights draw in. So whether you're treating yourselves, or your loved ones, look no further;

Christmas Gift Range

Why not replace the traditional Bucks Fizz with a Ginger Gin Fizz? Or a Sparkling Mead? Simply add our Ginger Gin, or Spiced Mead and top up with your favourite Prosecco for a Christmas morning drink with a twist! 

Bottoms up!


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