A Very Special Day for all you Fathers out there...

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So the 17th of June is just around the corner, and what a very special day it is! I hope, (unlike me), that you're all prepared to let your Fathers, and Fathers Fathers and children's Fathers (does the list ever end)?? know just how special they really are. 

To help you celebrate, we're running our very own Facebook Competition, where you could be in with a chance to win a gift set fit for a well deserved Father. 

One of our most popular choices of liqueurs for the men out there has been our fabulous Ginger Liqueur. Which comes in a delightful star shaped 100ml gift bottle, that can be reused as a decorative piece once emptied!

The ginger liqueur can be enjoyed on it's own, as a Mojito, or top with tonic. I'll give you the recipe of the Mojito's I was personally enjoying at the weekend. So tasty.

***Squeeze the juice from a whole lime into your tumbler, add 2 heaped teaspoons of fine brown sugar and 12 torn mint leaves. Muddle with a spoon until the mint leaves are relatively crushed. Pour over (preferably crushed) ice. Add 50ml White Rum, 75 Ginger Liqueur and a large dash of soda! A perfect summers day drink. ***





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