Half Term Hump Day

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So we're half way through the half term madness and no doubt, as lovely as it's been spending lots of time with your precious little ones, there have been moments of tearing your hair out and screaming into your pillows! These little mini versions of ourselves do know how to push our buttons...

Once they're in bed at night, and all is quiet, (hurrah!!!), why not treat yourself to a tipple to wind down your senses ready for a blissful nights sleep? Pat yourselves on the back for surviving yet another day at Soft Play. 

The fab thing about our liqueurs is that they are designed to taste amazing on their own, or with a variety of mixers. 

Try this for an easy recipe that you can enjoy in front of the TV at home, or at a weekend gathering if you choose!

25-50ml Blackcurrant Liqueur, topped up with lemonade. Add a large squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice, using the same as a garnish. Delicious and easy, yet impressive! 


And on top of the half term delights, where has that elusive big yellow thing in the sky gone?? Is that the end of our British Summer? Let's keep our fingers crossed and spirits high for some more to come our way. After all, we deserve it right?! 

Have a great weekend all!! And whatever you're doing, remember "People who wonder if the glass is half empty or half full, are missing the point! The glass is refillable". #WednesdayWisdom


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