Chocolate Heaven

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It's everybody's favourite week!! National Chocolate Week :) This means we can have chocolate every day right?? Guilt free! 

With this in mind @choconchoc have featured our delicious Chocolate Vodka in a massive chocolate bundle give away. Take a look and get your entry in here;

I know I'm entering. 

And further to that, try this delicious winter warmer. Honestly, it's like heaven! 

Mint Hot Chocolate Twist
  • A heaped table spoon full of your favourite Hot Chocolate, with a dash of hot water to make a paste. 
  • Warm up some full fat milk and add. 
  • Then add a tablespoon of Mint Syrup. 
  • 50-75ml of Friary Chocolate Vodka and stir.
  • Whipped Cream on top and a dusting of nutmeg. You can garnish with fresh mint too!! And enjoy. You can thank me later. 

You can always play around with the measurements dependent on how you like it. 

Don't like mint?? Then combine our flavours of Toffee Vodka or Salted Caramel with the Chocolate Vodka, for something a little different. Perfect for a sofa night, in your pj's, by the fire.

We hope everyone's having a happy Tuesday :)


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