Have Fun At Work Day

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Yesterday was "Have Fun At Work Day" and at our place of work, we're lucky enough to be able to do that most days. What with our lenient bosses, and colleagues we have genuine friendships with. (Sigh). We also have copious amounts of booze at hand but deemed this a step too far when we do have to achieve some things in our fun working day. So we just stared at it longingly and arranged another time to catch up over drinks, out of work hours.

So our Fun Day at Work started with 9.30 tea and biscuits. Pretty standard actually. And some whinging, moaning and general off-loading about our mornings so far. Which is very therapeutic and also pretty standard. We agreed that we'd get our heads down, do some productive "stuff" and then meet back together for a fun lunch. And that's exactly what we did, and what fun was had!! Emma took all the labels off the tins in the cupboard, which resulted in lunch roulette. Soup, beans or tinned fruit? Who knew what to expect! Fun for Emma though so that's the main thing. 

We all left work in the afternoon, a little lighter in step, having had a laugh together in the day. Vowing that we would do such things more often.

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