Valentine's Special

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Roses are red,
Like our heart-shaped liqueurs??
Enter our competition,
And they could be yours!

We've just got over Christmas and already the shops are now laden with Valentine's presents, gifts and promotions. No time to relax!! But fear not, we have another wonderful prize up for grabs. you could literally win our hearts with this one! 

We have a Strawberry Heart and a Raspberry Heart up for the taking. You could be honest and say you won it, or you could simply re-gift it to your loved one and make it look like you do have your stuff together, and you are prepared!! 

Top either of these flavours up with your favourite fizz, and if you're feel flash, add some berries to garnish. Romantic! And simple. Just the way we like it. 

So what are you waiting for?? Enter using the link below;

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