New Year New You?

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We're back in the office after a busy but lovely Festive time and eagerly discussing our New Year Resolutions. It's true, January has that flat kind of feeling. A huge build up to Christmas with lots of planning, organising, family and friends time and guilt free eating and drinking, to suddenly a feeling of "what ever did I do with all this time??", and "how on Earth am I going to survive without my daily massive dose of chocolate and wine?" (That rhymes...and so does that).

It's a scary thought. And what most of us do is try to focus on becoming a better version of ourselves. I for one am TRYING (and miserably failing) to eat less sugar, exercise more, less phone time and so on and so on. It's almost like we set ourselves up to fail. And then because we aren't hitting our targets, we eat more chocolate. It's a Vicious circle. 

Anyway, I got to thinking, over a warmed glass of Christmas Brandy last night, (what even is this dry January malarky anyway?), that surely it's all about balance and setting realistic, achievable targets. Rather than a blanket and strict "exercise every day, eat NO sugary delights, and have a dry January" I'm going to enjoy the odd treat, be pleased with myself when I have finally peeled myself off the sofa and done something to raise the heart rate. And if I fancy a little night cap at the end of the week then I shall have one and enjoy it. Celebrate the little glories guys, we're all surviving. Cheers to that!

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