What did the Mexican say to the thief who stole his cheese?

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Sunday the 20th brings us International Cheese Lover's Day, so all you cheese lovers out there we have some great cheese pairings below for you to enjoy. 

Who's grand idea was it to put #InternationalCheeseLoversDay in the middle of January when we're trying so hard at #Veganuary or generally just trying to eat better? Well I have some news for you! You can get #Vegan Cheese!! And cheese, in moderation, isn't so bad for you after all. Big cheesy grins to that I say :) 

I'm a big fan of cheese jokes! Emma (my colleague) knows this from previous cheesy texting experience. I'm not sure she appreciated my efforts but I feel now is as good a time as ever to share a few faves with you!!

1) How do you eat crumbly cheese in Wales?  

2) What did the Mexican say to the thief who stole his cheese?

3) How did the cheese paint his wife?


1) Caerphilly

2) Hey, Nacho Cheese!

3) He Double Gloucester

Now, back to what I originally said I'd do for you; some pairing suggestions for you to enjoy this weekend.

I love a bit of Christmas Spirit with my cheese board, just neat in a glass, at room temperature for me. Or over the rocks if you prefer. For the Christmas Liqueur lovers out there, it works just as well. Those Christmas spices just taste so delicious. 

I can also vouch for our Ginger Liqueur, served either the same as above, or as a delicious, refreshing Mojito. Gorgeous with a Blue Cheese!

And our Rhubarb and Ginger Gin served with Prosecco. Oh and Cherry Brandy. And Raspberry Gin!! The list is endless. Maybe it's safer to say that liqueurs in general go well with cheese?? 

And I I know what you're thinking but our Christmas Spirit and Christmas Liqueur is much like a dog. It's for life, not just for Christmas. So we make it available to you all year around! You lucky things.

Anyway, for fear of boring you any longer, I'm signing off to go and dream of my Christmas Spirit and Cheese board Sunday...

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