A Day at the Races!

Posted by Kirsty Ralphs on

Yesterday we were lucky enough to be taken to the races on behalf of the company. We are all very grateful to Tori and Hannah for organising this and had a fantastic time.

It's fair to say we're feeling a little jaded today, and have lighter purses and wallets, (all apart from Aaron who appeared to be racking in the wins), and a kitchen full of biscuits to help us through this day! Honestly, it's tough having a hangover and working in an alcohol fuelled environment, but we wouldn't change it.

The picture shows a 2 thirds of our dedicated team and was the best of a bad bunch. (It was "blowy" out there). 

It's also coming to the end of the school term now, and summer breaks are officially about to start!! I'm sure everyone is equally looking forward to it, and dreading it all at the same time. How do you entertain children for 6 whole weeks?? 

Visit our shop and get your much needed supplies in for a summer of BBQ's, party's, and evening wind downs! And good luck, take a deep breath and enjoy the precious time you have with your kids. 




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